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Opteka NP-FV70 2500mAh Ultra High Capacity Li-ion Battery Pack for Sony Handycam Camcorders

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Item Number: OPT-NP-FV70

This extended battery will supply up to 25% more shots than the Original Sony

The Opteka NP-FV70 rechargeable lithium-ion 2500mAh battery is a replacement for replacement for Sony NP-FV50. It features lithium technology, which ensures maximum battery life and maximum power. It also features no memory effect that lets you recharge partially drained batteries without reducing performance.  Beware of low quality knockoffs on eBay, they can often damage your camera. Opteka Batteries are Guaranteed.

Replaces the following Sony models: NP-FV30, NP-FV40, NP-FV50, NP-FV70, NP-FV100

Ultra high power * True * 2500mAh
Extended shots - Up to 25% more
Memory free for maximum performance
Lithium Ion 8.4 Volt Max (6.8 Volt Mean)
Built-in safety fuse
Top graded and matched cells used exclusively
Brand New
2 Year performance warranty


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Sony Handycam DVD Series: DVD103, DVD105, DVD106, DVD108, DVD109, DVD202, DVD203, DVD205, DVD305, DVD306, DVD308, DVD403, DVD404, DVD405, DVD406, DVD407, DVD408, DVD505, DVD506, DVD508, DVD602, DVD605, DVD610, DVD650, DVD653, DVD703, DVD705, DVD708, DVD710, DVD755, DVD803, DVD805, DVD808, DVD810, DVD850, DVD905, DVD908, DVD910, DVD92

Sony Handycam HC Series: HC5, HC7, HC8, HC9, HC16, HC17, HC18, HC19, HC20, HC21, HC22, HC23, HC24, HC26, HC27, HC28, HC30, HC32, HC33, HC35, HC36, HC37, HC38, HC39, HC40, HC41, HC42, HC43, HC44, HC45, HC46, HC47, HC48, HC52, HC62, HC65, HC85, HC94, HC96

Sony Handycam SR Series: SR7, SR8, SR10, SR11, SR12, SR30, SR32, SR33, SR40, SR42, SR45, SR47, SR50, SR60, SR62, SR65, SR68, SR70, SR72, SR80, SR82, SR85, SR87, SR88, SR90, SR100, SR190, SR200, SR220, SR290, SR300

Sony Handycam SX Series: SX40, SX41, SX44, SX60, SX63, SX83

Sony Handycam UX Series: UX3, UX5, UX7, UX10, UX20

Sony Handycam CX Series: CX6, CX7, CX11, CX12, CX100, CX150, CX300, CX350, CX500, CX520, CX550

Sony Handycam XR Series: XR100, XR150, XR200V, XR350V, XR500V, XR520V, XR550

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