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Opteka High Definition II Multi-Coated Circular Polarizing Glass Filter

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Advances in low-dispersion optical glass and exotic anti-reflection coatings, along with the latest in computer-aided manufacturing are combined to produce lenses of unprecedented quality. Rather than raising the cost of Opteka filters however, these advanced materials and techniques allow more efficient and economical production. The results are lenses of remarkable quality and durability at remarkably affordable prices.

Opteka High Definition² Multi-Coated Circular Polarizing Filters create dramatic color for high visual impact. They darken blue skies, saturate colors, and reduce glare and reflections from water or glass by using an Opteka rotating polarizer. Multi-coating can prevent light reflection, ghost light, internal reflection etc, making image clearer and sharper. Simply look through your viewfinder as you rotate the filter and stop when you reach the desired effect. Ideal for shooting in bright sun, at beaches, snow, etc. Controls bright light entering lenses for a better balanced color image.

Nothing changes the way you see the world like High Definition², and no company does High Definition² like Opteka. In the professional setting, Opteka's glass optics define High Definition. Change the way you view the world. Enjoy outstanding detail,
enjoy enhanced clarity, enjoy Opteka.

High-index / low-dispersion optical glass with HD² Technology
Increases saturation in the blue range of the spectrum, i.e. skies, water
Multi-Coated and heat treated glass to eliminate distortion and minimize light reflections
Mount rotates to control amount of effect
Essential for outdoor photography!
Brand New, Lifetime Warranty
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