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Opteka SB-15 AF-Compatible Universal Softbox Diffuser for Camera Flashes

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Opteka SB-15 AF Compatible Universal Softbox Diffuser for Camera Flashes
Brand New, 1 Year Warranty

A dramatic, eye catching photo can mean dramatic profits. Getting a well exposed photo is extremely important. Photographers often turn to a flash to help light the scene. The problem is that flash can cause harsh reflections or glare spots or create deep shadows that distract viewers. This little, portable universal external flash diffuser will prevent those problems when using a flash. Simply put the unit over the camera's flash, point and shoot. The unique design does not block the sensors on the flash, which allows the photographer to maintain auto focus. The light will be softened and your photos will be well exposed, without the harsh glare spots.

Provides soft, even flash illumination
One size fits all. Attaches with the included velcro adhesive tabs
Unique design does not block AF and metering sensors on the flash unit
Folds down flat for easy storage and portability
7" X 5" Front screen
1 Year Warranty


What's in the box

  • SB-15 Softbox
  • CL-2 Clinch band
  • 1 Year warranty
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