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Opteka SLK-50 Digital SLR CCD/CMOS Cleaning Kit with Wet/Dry Sensor Swabs, Alcohol Pads, Lint-free Cloths & Tin-Oxide Solution

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Item Number: SLK-50
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The Opteka SLK-50 SLR/CCD/CMOS Cleaning Kit contains all the essential cleaning tools for your SLR Camera.

Kit Includes:

SCK-1 Dry Sensor Swabs (10 PACK) - Lint free dry swabs designed for cleaning CCD/CMOS chips. May be used with the SCK-5.

SCK-2 Alcohol Pads (3 PACK) - Safe for use on monochrome CCD's, scanners, optical mirrors and other sensitive electronic and photographic image forming surfaces.

SCK-3 Ultra-soft Lint-free Cleaning Pads (10 PACK) - Applicable for any cleaning need. May be used with the SCK-5.

SCK-4 Pre-moistened Sensor Swabs (5 PACK) - Pre-moistened swabs designed for cleaning CCD/CMOS chips.

SCK-5 Tin Oxide CCD/Camera Cleaning Fluid (1 OZ.) - Leaves now visible residue and is safe for CCD/CMOS chips, optical and imaging surfaces. May be used in combination with the SCK-1 & SCK-3.


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